Margaret Avenue, Altoona, PA

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J.D. Cavrich, Altoona Mirror

Streets were closed in Altoona, Pa. when part of a building started to crumble on August 21, 2016.

The roof of the building, at 1747 Margaret Avenue, had previously collapsed before a large part of the facade fell around 8am on the morning of the 21st.

Owner of a nearby business, Butch Zavalanski heard the collapse. "I thought it was a train going through, but here it was a building falling down - kaboom," he said. "Thank God there wasn't anyone under it."[1]

The building had formerly been home to an archery shop and karate club, but was more recently used for storage by owner Judith Green, who runs a recycling business. "I'm going to have to have it torn down. I'm devastated," Green stated.[2]


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